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Academy Development Information Gathering (ACADDEV-001)

Academy Development


Welcome, Esteemed inRiverian!

This is the information gathering channel for all things inRiver Academy Related.
Whenever a Survey, Poll, Functionality test or Feedback activity is initiated, it is published here as a course unit.

The timeline is currently as follows:

1. High-level information gathering from all staff. Deadline: Dec 31 2018
2. Review of 1 and detailed information gathering from department management.
3. Collation of content and prioritization from department management.
4. Conceptual online training testing and evaluation.
5. Company staff expertize and instructor skills/training needs inventory.
6. Content production planning and production talent requests.

Please contribute! Your input is invaluable.

All units will have a deadline and any participants in that unit will be part of a raffle with the opportunity to win two movie tickets! (As a parent I know that the carrot trumps the whip every time.)

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  • First High Level Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed