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iPMC Implementation Preparatory Course (IRPIN001)



iPMC Implementation Preparatory Course

The purpose of this online course is to give you an understanding of the concepts and capabilities that is needed for engaging in an iPMC implementation project.

NB: The course material is approached from an Implementation Partner perspective, including a lot of commentary regarding possible challenges regarding communication, expectations and best practice. If you attend this as an inRiver Customer, all the content is still relevant and the comments mentioned will most likely be of relevance for your internal processes.

This course will cover

  • Understanding the advantages of inRiver PIM

  • Learning Best Practices

  • Mastering the basics of Modeling and the Model tool

  • Get an overview of an iPMC implementation

  • Prepare you for the BC and DEV certification courses

  • The completion of this course is a mandatory prerequisite to attend the BC and DEV certification onsite classroom training.
    If you haven't completed this training prior to the onsite training you will not be allowed to complete the certification course.

    • Overview
    • Introduction
    • Course Format and Learning Goals
    • Company Introduction
    • inRiver Company Introduction
    • What is PIM?
    • What is PIM?
    • The Demands on Product Information
    • Benefits of iPMC
    • Benefits of iPMC
    • iPMC and the PIM Challenge
    • Interacting with iPMC
    • Interacting With iPMC
    • iPMC User Portal Overview
    • Harmony in Workload
    • Harmony in Workload
    • Introduction to the Marketing Model
    • Introduction to the Marketing Model pt.1a
    • Introduction to the Marketing Model pt.1b
    • Introduction to the Marketing Model pt.1c
    • Control Center: the iPMC Admin Portal
    • Control Center: An Introduction to the iPMC Admin Portal
    • iPMC Control Center Walkthrough
    • The Marketing Model ctd.
    • Marketing Model pt.2a
    • Marketing Model pt.2b
    • Implementation Projects and the Partner Role
    • Implementation
    • What it Means to Be an Implementation Partner
    • Exercises and Self-Assessment
    • A Modelling Exercise
    • Exercise walkthrough
    • Summary and Feedback
    Completion rules
    • You must complete the units "Introduction to the Marketing Model pt.1a, Introduction to the Marketing Model pt.1b, Introduction to the Marketing Model pt.1c, Marketing Model pt.2a, Marketing Model pt.2b, A Modelling Exercise"