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Certification Preparatory Course (CERT-PREP-01)
Certification Preparatory Course (CERT-PREP-01)
This course provides the basic knowledge to prepare you for the inRiver Business Consultant and Developer Certifications.
Participation in this course is free of charge and suitable both for inRiver Partners and inRiver Customer Power Users.
Developer Certification Track (DEV_OD_2021)
Developer Certification Track (DEV_OD_2021)
In this course you learn the basics to get started with creating customizations and developing extensions and integrations in inRiver. The course combines video sessions, code assignments and links to relevant articles in the Service Center. If...
Security Awareness Training SOC2 (INT-SOC2_SEC)
inRiver Internal Training
Security Awareness Training SOC2 (INT-SOC2_SEC)
The purpose of this course is to provide all employees and affiliated 3rd parties working for inRiver with the core training they require to understand inRiver's Security policies, procedures, processes and implement the same.
BC Certification Remote Sessions (MA-BC-Remote)
Business Consulting
BC Certification Remote Sessions (MA-BC-Remote)

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to get started with successfully implementing inRiver. We discuss

  • Where does a PIM system fit into the total flow of Product Information and what purpose it fills.
  • The challenges of...
inRiverian BC Training **ONSITE** (MA-BC-Remote-clone)
Business Consulting
inRiverian BC Training **ONSITE** (MA-BC-Remote-clone)

Global *Remote & Live* inRiver iPMC Business Consultant Certification Training

This is a bespoke course for inRiverians which covers the same topics and competencies as the Academy BC Course
Foundations of PIM (Online/Base)
Foundations of PIM (Online/Base)
What challenges can you solve with PIM and inRiver? This course provides a base foundation of PIM and inRiver.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is suitable for all inRiver users, such as product owner, inRiver implementation project...
Core Concepts (Online/Intro)
Core Concepts (Online/Intro)
This course provides an introduction to the core concepts of inRiver. You learn about the different applications that are included in inRiver and the basics of inRiver's Elastic data model.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is suitable for...
User Fundamentals (Online/User)
User Fundamentals (Online/User)
This free course provides an introduction to inRiver's core applications (Supply, Enrich, Plan & Release and Publish). The purpose is to understand how to use all functionalities available with the core applications..
This course is suitable for...
User Fundamentals (Partner & inRiverian) (Online/User/Staff)
User Fundamentals (Partner & inRiverian) (Online/User/Staff)
Demo and Understand iPMC (Staff-iPMC-Demo)
inRiver Internal Training
Demo and Understand iPMC (Staff-iPMC-Demo)

Get acquainted with iPMC!

During this training, you will gain a deeper familiarity and insight into our product iPMC. This will partly be achieved through you being exposed to some true experts from our inRiverian family and their approach to...

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